Problem Solved!

And it was such an easy fix!

Apparently the problem of work in progress being moved to an older, unused blog only happens when the work is being done in the Chrome browser, on a Chromebook. When I work in the WordPress app on my Android phone, or that app on my Chromebook, there is no such problem.

And when I work on this new blog in a Firefox browser on my Linux laptop everything happens as it should.

Wish all my problems could be fixed so easily! 🙂

A major frustration…

A major frustration regarding this new WordPress dot com blog is related to the fact that I’ve had several other blogs on this platform over the years. Despite my best attempts, there seems to be no way to delete those older, long unused blogs. When I try to work on this new one, I’m often moved over to one of the old ones through no action of my own.

Slowly but surely…

Slowly but surely this newest version of my personal blog is taking shape. I’m running it at rather than having my own self-hosted site to save money. Mostly.