Lately I’ve noticed…

That my brain starts to shut down, my mental acuity noticeably dims in the evening about two hours before bedtime. And it’s interesting how that correlates to the two hours it usually takes me to become fully awake in the morning.

Sylvia wants me to give her a wake up call at seven o’clock in the morning on her work days. In order for me to do that in a responsible way, in order for me to be fully awake when I do that, I set my first alarm for five o’clock in the morning. My second alarm is set for six o’clock, just in case, but I’m always starting to rouse myself with that first alarm.

That morning routine has been natural for me for years. But it’s only recently, over the last few months, that I’ve noticed a similar pattern to my evenings. Though I like to think of ten o’clock at night as my “bed time,” it’s sometimes eleven o’clock before head actually hits pillow. But my eyelids start getting really heavy by nine o’clock most evenings. And doing anything that requires much thought after that is a risky proposition.

Saturday afternoon in the Roscoe-verse

Watching baseball games, watching monster movies, playing chess, tweaking the sidebar of my blog, and lightly dozing: yes boys and girls, this is another relaxing afternoon coming after an hour and a half of yard work in the morning. I can live quite comfortably with this kind of day.

Happy Saturday

Good morning Internet and Happy Saturday. Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend.

Take good care of yourselves. Be alert, be healthy, and be free.