Surprisingly Good Morning Metrics

You know that I check health metrics (body weight and blood pressure) and activity in my bank accounts every morning. Every morning, without fail. This morning all my numbers were very good.

My body weight was back down to its lowest since measuring it with my new, more accurate scales purchased a month ago. Five pounds lower than yesterday. The facts that I ate more moderately yesterday and slept much better last night may both have contributed to that.

Often when I note a significant weight loss, there is a corresponding bump up in my blood pressure . That wasn’t the case today. 119/75 was my bp reading this morning: one of the lowest readings for the week. My doctor would be proud.

Checking my bank balances I was surprised to see that the monthly SSA deposit had already appeared in my checking account. This is five days earlier than expected. Such an early deposit has never happened before for me in the nine years that I’ve been receiving those Social Security Retirement checks. Though I am curious about why the deposit came early, I am happy as always to see it.

This morning’s metrics gave me a smile and helped me face the day ahead with a good attitude. Yes, indeed!