If I can make it through the next two days…

… the rest of the week should be a piece of cake.

Tuesday evening will find me working with the Knights of Columbus doing Honor Guard service at the Rosary for a fallen brother Knight. The Funeral Home where this will take place is on the south side of town where we’re not used to driving. And we’re supposed to arrive during San Antonio’s rush hour. I’m not looking forward to that drive. Hope we don’t get lost.

Wednesday morning will find me doing KofC Honor Guard work again,  this time at the fallen brother’s Funeral Mass. Mass will be held at his home Church and will find us again on the south side of town.

Wednesday evening I have a business meeting to attend  where I’ll have the responsibility of running the computer feed for the “hybrid” meeting: business being conducted live for those attending in person, and for those attending over the Internet. I’ll be walking into the meeting venue cold, not knowing what kind of electric and Internet connections will be available to me. Yes, I’m already stressing out about that. Hopefully I’ll be bringing enough gear to do what needs to be done.

After the meeting on Wednesday night I’ll return home with the only chore ahead of me being writing up the minutes of that meeting.  And there’s no pressing deadline for that. So I can take a few days and do it at my leisure. I do like the sound of that.

Author: Roscoe Ellis

I am a fully retired Texan, Roman Catholic, Knight of Columbus, a friend of Israel. Half my heart is in the Philippines. The other half is in Northern Indiana. I also play Correspondence Chess. #MAGA

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