Another Queen-Rook Combination Checkmate

I won this Correspondence Chess game earlier this month with the Black pieces by placing the White King in a Queen-Rook combination Check mate. While my Black Queen delivered the mating move at 36…Qa4#, her Rook on b3 was blocking the White King’s only possible escape.

The position of pieces at game’s end is above, and our full move record is below, as is an animated gif showing the game from beginning to end.

  1. e4 e5 2. Qf3 Nf6 3. Bd3 Nc6 4. Ne2 g6 5. Nbc3 Bg7 6. Bc4 O-O 7. b3 d6 8.h3 Qe7 9. Ba3 Na5 10. Bd3 b6 11. Ng3 Bb7 12. Nb5 a6 13. Nc3 Rad8 14. O-O-O Qe8 15. h4 h5 16. Nd5 Nxd5 17. exd5 c6 18. b4 Nb3+ 19. axb3 cxd5 20. Qe3 d4 21.Qe2 Bxg2 22. Rhg1 Bb7 23. Nxh5 e4 24. Bxe4 d5 25. Nxg7 Kxg7 26. f3 dxe4 27. fxe4 d3 28. cxd3 Rh8 29. Bb2+ Kf8 30. Bxh8 Kg8 31. Bf6 Rd6 32. e5 Rd4 33.e6 Rxb4 34. Kb2 Bd5 35. e7 Rxb3+ 36. Ka1 Qa4# 0-1

Author: Roscoe Ellis

I am a fully retired Texan, Past Grand Knight and Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus, a friend of Israel. Half my heart is in the Philippines. I also play Correspondence Chess. #MAGA