Three Possibilities

Service announcement my friends

Don’t freak out about this bill passing last night.

Here’s what I see so far and the possibilities I don’t think anybody are contemplating.
From what I saw, the Dems had to cut out most of the garbage in the bill to make it line up with the senate bill.
It looks like mostly infrastructure to me, at least from what I’ve seen.
It’s telling that it was a struggle to pass it in the House. That’s a good sign. That means the radical left wasn’t happy and that’s great!

I still believe nothing passes that Trump doesn’t want passed into law because I believe he controls the key people in the Senate.

So here are some positives I don’t think anybody is talking about.

1) Most of the garbage just got stripped out of the bill. That means the democrats will have to try and pass that in a separate bill.
Good luck passing that through the senate. It effectively killed all that garbage.

If I’m right and Trump has leveraged the senate then why would he want this bill passed?

2) If you believe like i believe that Trump will be back soon then who is going to get to spend this money, Trump or Biden?
Do you know that while we are at war and under an emergency Trump will be able to do what he wants with this money? Direct it all to actually rebuilding this country?

3) Every single dollar spent brings us closer to bankrupting of the Fed and bringing down the entire global central bank debt system. That’s a good thing.

There are three positive possibilities that you need to consider my friends.