Shall I consider today a rest day? Yes, I think so.

Late-morning Wednesday and hey, can I count this as a weekend rest day? The last three days in a row: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, have all found me one heck of a lot busier than normal. And it’s all been KofC/Church related work done outside the home in public with lots of folks, old friends and new friends. It’s been good work all of it but man oh man, I’m needing a day or two to rest and recover.

They threaten to undo the progressive’s revolution.

The fear of & relentless attacks on the TLM are rooted in the knowledge that young Catholics manifestly are flocking to it. Traditional seminaries & parishes are full. This threatens to undo the revolution that progressives set on 60+ years ago. It keeps them up at night.

“We all need to be mentally prepared…”

I feel like the noose is going to tighten quickly around the neck of the traditional Roman Rite. We all need to be mentally prepared for the idea that in the next year the Vatican is going to make us all outlaws.