China’s military is hot garbage.

China’s military is hot garbage! The ONLY people impressed by it is the Chinese state run media…here in the US.

250 million petulant only-child brats is an army waiting to be destroyed from within. China cannot in anyway build a functioning fighter jet on their own, they are made with cheap steel, and are mostly ripped from Russian migs.

Much of their mechanized divisions use outdated Russian gear and the vaunted hypersonic missile that our media bragged about is 40+ yr old tech.

A slight change of plans

Tuesday morning notes: Today’s schedule has already shifted from what I expected it to be when I put head to pillow last night. That longer walk I hoped to take? Not going to happen. I spent more time this morning researching the latest news about travel and visa requirements for the Philippines than expected. I may still get a short 1 mile walk in if I hurry. And I may still get that haircut this afternoon. We’ll see how that works out.