“…the power to terrorize juries…”

The Left is more excited at the prospect of coercing a hung jury or even a conviction out of sheer terror in the jury room after a laughably weak prosecution case than if the facts had actually been on their side.

They want the power to terrorize juries, and they have it.

Queen-Bishop Checkmate

I thoroughly enjoyed this Correspondence Chess game I won recently playing White. My opponent playing Black and I were pretty evenly matched and for a while during the middle game I thought he had the advantage. But I soldiered on and finally won with a nifty Queen-Bishop checkmate.

The position of pieces at game’s end is pictured above, and the .gif file below shows the entire game from beginning to end.

“The Democrat Party is now the Communist Party in America”

MTG:” I truly felt like Democrats were socialists and they just wanted social programs, but ever since I’ve been here… after January 6th, after we saw Washington, DC and the Capitol turned into a military compound, and what really was a threat to the American people with ‘don’t mess with us, we’re in charge now’. When January 20th, when President Biden became our President and then everything that we have seen follow up…

There is without a shadow of doubt – this regime – the Democrat Party is now the communist party in America. It’s time to start saying it. It’s too kind of a word to call them socialists.” 🔥