Nothing can stop what is coming.

When will Trump make his move?
No one knows.
It might be in a month. It might be a year from now.
Trump has dropped some veiled clues but he hasn’t given us a clear answer on the issue of timing.
The important thing to focus on for now is that Trump and his people have a plan to save the country.
He didn’t abandon us on January 20th.
He put into operation the next phase of his plan.

Think of the strategic importance of Durham’s indictments and Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial happening while Biden is in office. No one can claim Trump is weaponizing the DOJ against his enemies.

As the country struggles, normies are becoming more desperate for a solution. Imagine how their perception of the world will change after watching Trump save the country for a third time and witnessing the prosecution of corrupt people in every part of society.
The great awakening is upon us.
Nothing can stop what is coming.