A systematic, targeted destruction…

Secftblgirl At some point it will dawn on you that the Biden administration isn’t actually stupid or incompetent. Easiest way to see it is when you notice they’re engaging in a systematic targeted destruction of the key pillars that hold up American civilization, one by one

James Lindsay


The weapon of choice ..

To all the corrupt powers within governments:
I bear you personally ill will. You are merely a product of the system within which you are ensnared. You had a chance to get out but you stayed – Remember there is not a single misdeed in your life that I will not uncover and make public. Doubt me at your risk.

The weapon of choice for the forces of light is the TRUTH. For the forces of darkness it is LIES. Truth always wins because the support structures necessary for maintaining a lie always collapse, and the truth is it’s own support.



The world is undergoing a massive transition. The enemy wishes a great reset. God wills a Great Awakening. You are experiencing such tribulation because we are in unprecedented times. Things will never be the same. We’ve entered into a new era. Muster the champion of God within you and stand your ground. Keep your eyes on God. He calms the wind. He calms the waves.
As turbulent as it may get we can and will find victory.
The world has never seen such a thing happen which means you are blessed to be born to battle in this hour. Remember that you are here for a reason and that you are not alone. WWG1WGA.