Drip. Drip. FLOOD…

We have had some interesting events coming down the pipe frens. Let’s take a look at the recent developments, shall we?

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial starts Monday, November 29th.

Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Complaint dropped today. Complaints included election fraud evidence: fraudulent machines, unconstitutional voting procedures, and exhibits from Dr Shiva, Jovan Pullitzer, and more.

Marco Polo has obtained the “Laptop from Hell,” and will be releasing a report once fully investigated. Garret Ziegler, a political aide and former White House staff from DJT’s administration, said it would be around Thanksgiving, but could take longer with new developments. All eyes on this one.

Seth Rich is back in the news. After Insisting They Had No Information on Seth Rich for Years, FBI Admits Interviewing a Third Party in 2018 Related to Seth Rich Murder. I bet we will be hearing more on this one in the future.

The Biden Regime is a sinking ship in terms of approval ratings. You love to see it! Let’s Go Brandon!

And finally…
Durham: Slowly releasing indictments. Looking forward to the next one! Things are getting goood.

It is all connected. The same criminal cartel are involved in all of the above. We will see so much chaos from the [DS], but we are ready!

In the meantime…
We pray up. We stand up. We lock hands. We Do Not Comply, and keep those red pills blasting!!

Keep marching and hold that line!
~ @PatriotAU

Let’s Go Brandon!