Quickly noted…

First Sunday of Advent, late afternoon: Felt a little awkward at Mass this morning without Sylvia sitting next to me. She was under the weather this morning and opted to stay home. Enjoying the day’s NFL games. Thinking about starting a Bible reading project. Have activated my new health insurance card this afternoon, and reset my Facebook password to unlock my account. And I relocated the trash bins hoping to reduce the darned house flies we’ve been battling lately. Hoping for a quiet evening.


Cognitive Warfare

[Forwarded from Just Human]
During the Thanksgiving holiday, when Americans are the most united, the most together, celebrating our country, our beliefs, and our values,

The Enemy launched attacks intended to sow division and destroy that unity with infighting, false attacks, disinformation, etc.

Heh, as if we, Patriotic Americans, would ever turn our backs on General Flynn.

That’s Cognitive Warfare for ya.

Now the corporate media will run hit pieces about it today and for a few days into this week to try and keep the disarray going and distract from the truly important information and events.

Don’t you fall for it.