Resist at all costs

-Covid-19, which is a man made weapon of mass destruction, was intentionally released to cause global panic and human isolation.

-Anything that could help prevent death from this bioweapon has been vilified such as early intervention with Hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin

-Panic and isolation are being used to coercive people to take a poison death shot

-the poison death shot causes strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, miscarriages, neurological diseases, cancer, autoimmune dysfunction, infertility, and antibody dependent enhancement

-the poison death shot contains biometrics sensors that measure internal physiological data and transmit it to a third party with your location. See the following patent:

-the poison death shot is a weapon eugenics designed by devolved pagans that want to enslave humanity


Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

It’s All for Show!

Psaki Snubs African Reporter – Avoids question on why she is spreading a false narrative.

“I think she is pushing a false narrative. She says the reason they ban South Africa, the reason Biden travel ban is because there’s thousands of cases, but the President banned 8 countries in Southern Africa. 6 of those countries have ZERO cases of the omicron “variant”. Only two of them have cases. Botswana has 19 cases, and Southern Africa has 172 cases. So they don’t have thousands of cases, and Botswana has less cases than the UK. There are 25 counties that have the omicron variant and only 4 of them are in Africa”.

Why place a travel ban only on Africa, when 21 other countries have the so called variant?

Because it’s all for show. An attempt at spreading fear.