Stay strong, Patriots.

The spiritual battle has evolved substantially over the past few weeks, everyone feels that agony arising from extreme uncertainty at the moment. The energy is clearly off, but we are all in this together. Don’t let that fear get to you, it’s too late to give up now. You can only connect the dots in hindsight, everything will make sense once we reach better times. But you need to have faith & confidence in making the right decisions in your life. One thing is certain, EVERYONE is being tested right now. It’s Time to Rise. Stay Strong Patriots. @Forecast432Hz

And we’re still winning.

(They) have :
-Multi Billion dollar media industries
-celebrity mouth pieces
-past presidents and world leaders
-the Pope
-Big Pharma
-virtually all intelligence agencies
-control of Big Tech
-ownership of 95% social media
-censorship control
-weather manipulation
-false flag patsies
-multiple terrorist groups
-fundraising capabilities
-and trillions of dollars

We have:
-phones with cameras
-social media accounts

And we’re STILL winning.