Faith Intersecting with Logic

CS Lewis makes such a compelling argument for Jesus’ divinity. But not through the lens of theology. Instead he deploys raw logic and critical thinking with a superb execution of the Socratic method.

The first time I listened to it I was mind blown. His logic was so airtight that honestly I felt a little terrified.

It’s hard to describe, and “terrified” probably isn’t the best descriptor, but up to that point my belief in Jesus was based on faith.

When my faith intersected with logic it became an overpowering reality that I could no longer question — God ACTUALLY DID walk the earth as his Son, Jesus Christ.

Vitamin D3 and K2

Vitamin D3 and K2 and their potential contribution to reducing the COVID-19 mortality rate

The attached paper addresses the immunoregulatory effects of supplementing vitamin D3. In addition, it explains why vitamin K2 and magnesium should also be supplemented to prevent long-term health risks such as calcification of the arteries or kidney stones.

I, Dr Simon @Goddek, wrote this publication about the potential of vitamin D last summer. Since then, it has been cited 20 times, and more than 150 studies have confirmed my hypotheses, which are as follows:

👉 Vitamin D serum levels above 35 ng/mL seem to correlate with the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients.
👉 The immunoregulating function of vitamin D is promising and might decrease the global epidemic mortality.

PubMed Link:

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