Vitamin D3 and K2

Vitamin D3 and K2 and their potential contribution to reducing the COVID-19 mortality rate

The attached paper addresses the immunoregulatory effects of supplementing vitamin D3. In addition, it explains why vitamin K2 and magnesium should also be supplemented to prevent long-term health risks such as calcification of the arteries or kidney stones.

I, Dr Simon @Goddek, wrote this publication about the potential of vitamin D last summer. Since then, it has been cited 20 times, and more than 150 studies have confirmed my hypotheses, which are as follows:

👉 Vitamin D serum levels above 35 ng/mL seem to correlate with the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients.
👉 The immunoregulating function of vitamin D is promising and might decrease the global epidemic mortality.

PubMed Link:

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Author: Roscoe Ellis

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