For the record: I support General Flynn

[Forwarded from AbsoluteConviction1776 ⭐️⭐️⭐️]

Just in case anyone needed a reminder on where General Flynn stands.

He stood and spoke for Trump and had his back long before anyone else did.

Never forget; the Deep State attacked him mercilessly not long after this speech. They did everything they could to destroy him.

Obama told Trump to stay away from him.

Do y’all really believe Trump would pardon a black hat?

Oh? He disavowed Q? No he didn’t. He disavowed “QAnon”. Which he was correct to do. There are Anons. There is Q. There is no “QAnon”. That term IS a psyop to obfuscate Q.

He said a Satanic prayer? No he didn’t. He said a prayer calling on the protection of the Archangels in accordance with his Catholic Faith. A prayer which ended with “So Help Us God”. The fact that some Satanic C*nt stole that prayer and twisted it for her own means is irrelevant when compared to the intent and benevolence behind Flynn saying that prayer. So. Umm. Get over it 🤷🏻‍♂️.

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to deduce that he is being attacked, AGAIN.