Entering the American Twilight Zone

“Our nation has become a sickening avatar of the perished Soviet Union, where Orwell’s Ministry of Truth was the mother of all lies. Our media, our Pravda (meaning Truth in Russian) of America sets the party line and propagates it throughout the information channels of our nation. We are governed by a barely functioning cipher in the presidency, who each day vandalizes our precious heritage and undermines the proud bulwark for freedom that America has become for the world. The Democrat party of Truman, Kennedy, Stevenson, and Jackson is dead, murdered by treasonous political hacks and ignorant Communists masquerading as politicians and leaders.

In the Soviet Union, itself a Twilight Zone of unreality, nothing real was permitted. Speaking truth got you sentenced to the Gulag. In pained humor, Soviet citizens described their rotten, fake economy this way: We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us. Thus, every sector of their nation had been hollowed out by decades of lies, until it collapsed. Creative and destructive forces on the globe have been balanced now for a century because the United States has been powerful. We are not pure and unblemished, but warts and all, we have been the last best hope of humanity on earth.

If we allow the false reality of the Twilight Zone to rule us, we will be living in the twilight of America: The end of the American Era may be here if the American people do not take their fate and the fate of freedom and respect for individual liberty and dignity back into their own hands.”