C, D3, Zinc, and Quercetin: that’s what I take!

I’m getting hundreds of frantic calls, texts, and emails regarding omicron, delta and the flu.


If you are high risk—meaning over 45 years old, have medical problems, or chose to take the poison death shot—I recommend high risk prophylaxis (prevention therapy).


Hydroxychloroquine 200mg a day for 5 days as a loading dose and then 200mg twice a week or ivermectin 0.2mg/kg twice a week


Quercetin 500mg a day
Vitamin D3 5000iu a day
Vitamin C 1000mg a day
Zinc 25mg a day

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Author: Roscoe Ellis

I am a fully retired Texan, Roman Catholic, Knight of Columbus, a friend of Israel. Half my heart is in the Philippines. The other half is in Northern Indiana. I also play Correspondence Chess. #MAGA

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