Human beings need human interaction. Stop wearing masks!

Justin Hart (@justin_hart) Tweeted:
Please. Watch. This.
British news program. A commentator who is a student reacts to the announcement that Britain is removing masks. Watch at 1:40 seconds. Her breakdown is what almost ALL students feel about masks.

This is so sad. Human beings need human interaction. All of these fake policies are causing massive societal problems intensifying the already large amounts of mental illness, domestic violence, addiction and of course PTS as an end result.

These issues were already prevalent throughout society before COVID and the people behind these policies preyed on the weakest ones!

Masks were the icing on the cake for control, a successful experiment for the evil that now confronts us all.

Break through by stepping up and putting kindness combined with a tough resolve to stop those who are trying to impose their tyrannical will over our lives.

Get involved in your local communities. Stand up and speak up everywhere your rights are being crushed. America is great because of us, we the people, and not because of anything our government has done. We give them their authority and we need to let our elected officials know we will take their authority away and, at times, we must…raise your voices, get involved in local politics, get out and VOTE when necessary, but now do more than vote…volunteer, campaign, run for office. Do whatever your God given talents enable you to do.

Our current elected officials (who we put there by the way) have ruined our country, we need to take it back.

God bless each each and everyone of you.

FLYNN 🙏🏼🇺🇸

Author: Roscoe Ellis

I am a fully retired Texan, Roman Catholic, Knight of Columbus, a friend of Israel. Half my heart is in the Philippines. The other half is in Northern Indiana. I also play Correspondence Chess. #MAGA

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