See beyond the illusions.

Trump devolved the government.
He’ll come back whenever he wants.
The truth is that he is accomplishing much behind the scenes and everyday Biden remains in office is another win for the Great Awakening.
We need as many people awake as possible for the justice phase. And have no fear. The justice phase is coming and it will be Biblical. Stop worrying about Trump’s 2024 optics Patriots and get in touch with what God is saying.
See beyond the illusions and you will see that babylon is falling.
We lost some battles to win the war. Take heart frens. Enduring in the face of hardship is a badge of honor. We will receive the joy due to us at just the right time.

“God did not waste any of this time.”

All anons and awakened Patriots who walked through these last few years with their heads held high should be proud of the trials and tribulations we survived.
Not only did many of us stand for our freedoms but we also underwent intense spiritual and mental testing. Many of you refused to wear masks, did not comply with medical tyranny, and received the ire of normies around the world. Now it becomes clearer by the day that their narratives are collapsing, the conspiracy theorists were right again. I assure you that God did not waste any of this time. He has been working on all of our hearts with precision.
It goes without saying that there are more battles to come but we should all remember to celebrate how truly bad ass and battle hardened we’ve become… In our faith, in our Patriotism, and as an army of truth givers.
We’ve been through so much as a community. While storms rage around us..we have the moniker of “where we go one we go all” as a rallying cry and we know that God is with us and He wins. I salute you all. You should be proud to be alive in this hour. God chose you for a reason.