Layer upon layer of cognitive dissonance..

The people who still believe CNN/MSNBC are just like the victims of the Matrix. They live inside idea constructs that are manufactured for effect.

Layer upon layer of cognitive dissonance has been programmed into them to make them reject ideas that would cause them to question the matrix they live in.

By now we’ve all experienced tying to show them facts about Trump, or the NWO, or COVID, etc. Facts bounce right off the narrative armor their minds are wrapped up in…

Yet Q clearly communicated the goal to wake them up, and basically said all but 4-6% are within our reach. THAT tells us there’s a way to reach INSIDE their narrative bubble, bypass the cognitive dissonance… and eventually inject truth that will enable them to come out from isolation from reality.

How do you do that?

By utilizing information patterns their minds are already programmed to accept… like the story arc. Watching shows like West Wing (and many others) they’ve watched how writers constantly evolve characters and even transform the good guys into bad guys (and vice-versa).

One of writers favorite gimmicks is to take a bad guy character, make him relatable, then reveal he was always misunderstood… or maybe even he/she was actually the good guy/gal all along but was framed, etc. They do this by injecting previously hidden knowledge (paradigm shifts) at key moments that cause the past of the character to be viewed from a whole new light.

Most of the sleepers can’t even resist going along with these narrative/character shifts. The programming is too strong by now… or they wouldn’t still be blind to reality.

And the media depends on this to stay in business, and keep the two party system in power. They’ve invested heavily in creating this “tool” for population control.

Know anybody wise and crafty enough to flip this against the enemy who created it… and use it to wake people up instead?

IMO Trump is far from done. Key elements of the story arc are playing out right now, and the stage is almost set to expose Biden, DEMs & RINOs. Maybe I’m wrong? We’ll see.