Why we respect General Flynn.

Why do we respect Flynn so much?

No other single person had a greater role in teaching us that we could have game changing impact in this information war. On a daily basis he was either fighting to stay out of jail when Obama & the FBI framed him, or he was on Twitter lurking and encouraging 100s of us with DM’s.

The asymmetric power of those DM’s is beyond calculation. Flynn only ever said one word directly to me… and I went on to deliver more than 1 Billion media impressions personally.

It’s insanely laughable that some are now claiming Flynn was deep state all along. Uh huh, yeah… he motivated all of us to become an ARMY OF DIGITAL SOLDIERS who support Trump, destroy the MSM on the daily, and oppose the NWO… cuz he was secretly working for Obama? wtf?

If Mike wanted to help the deep state… all he had to do was stay silent and not turn us into a relentless information nightmare for the established narrative architects. 🤦‍♂️

We impact more people now than CNN does… without a budget.