Take your Zinc supplements, boys and girls… and Quercetin, and vitamins D and C, and melatonin.

[Forwarded from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol) (Zev Zelenko)]
Many Single Strand RNA viruses (ssRNA) use RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) to replicate their genetic material. This is required to make more copies of virus and spread to other sells.

These viruses include:

Covid-19 (all strains)
Ebola virus
Marburg virus

The use of Zinc Ionophores and Zinc will treat these viruses.

Zinc Ionophores include:


In other words, we can prevent and treat the above viruses with cheap, oral, effective, and safe drugs. Some of which are over the counter.

Please study this text and understand what it means.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD






“Keep fighting and stay engaged.”

When will some in the lame stream, fake news media and/or our own government have the courage to speak the truth?

Demonstrating courage is never easy because of the consequences and the potential real sacrifices involved but it is the harder right choice to take. Know that this moment in US History will fill the future with untold stories of those who demonstrated courage in the face of relentless attacks for the greater good of the nation.

Don’t give in to tyranny and don’t stop discovering the truth. Beyond the spiritual aspects of the war being waged against us, this is an information war like no other we’ve ever been in and it is up to the digital army of citizen journalists to continue exposing the fraud being perpetrated against us.

Those who cherish the truth, their faith, our families, and our very freedoms, over lies, deception and tyranny are going to win the day.

Keep fighting and stay engaged.

Local Action is having a National Impact 🙏🏼🇺🇸