Events are moving very quickly.

Events are moving very quickly in eastern Ukraine. Yesterday (February 21, 2022) Putin made the decision to recognize the two separatist republics in the Donbas. He then immediately responded to their request for military assistance with buses of troops and equipment that began moving that same day. What’s important to understand is that while the mainstream media call this an invasion, the reality of the matter is that Putin is moving troops into friendly territory. These territories have been independent since the U.S. backed overthrow of Yanukovich in 2014.

Those who didn’t follow the 2014 conflict closely might not be aware that the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (which are primarily ethnic Russian) rejected Washington’s puppet government and voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to rejoin Russia. Putin refused this request at the time because he knew that if he moved in at that moment it would have escalated in ways that did not serve Russia’s interests. But the fact that these republics have held together for over 7 years makes for a very different equation in 2022.

International law establishes the right of self-determination. This is the entire premise of the Declaration of Independence, and any sovereign nation has the right to request military assistance from an ally (just like the United States did by requesting assistance from France) to protect themselves from an aggressor. The sequence of events will lead to some interesting debates and votes at the U.N. but even if this does nothing to de-escalate the situation militarily it will expose a diplomatic rift that will divide the world in ways that will surprise people who have not followed geopolitical developments over the past ten years. Alliances have shifted. When war becomes official more countries will hitch their fate with the eastern axis than some might expect.

An important variable is China. China is allied with Russia 100% on the Ukraine issue. China also produces a ridiculous percentage of the products western countries depend on. China also has been stocking up on grains and other essential resources like crazy. If the west goes for the jugular and cuts Russia from the global financial system Russia and China will use this moment to launch their alternative system for all the countries that want to conduct trade without having to obey edicts from Washington D.C. Remember they already have an alternative to SWIFT and the Petroyuan as well as their new Central Bank Digital currencies they’ve been quietly testing.

The beginning of a cyber warfare tit-for-tat and hostilities between Russian held positions and western Ukraine will result in energy and food shortages first throughout Europe and then around the world. This is by design. This is how Schwab and his minions get their “Great Reset” (their cover for the implosion of the banking and monetary systems).

When they start selling this war we must counter and resist on every front. Soldiers need to be shown that the people want them to stay home and deal with the real threat from within: these criminally corrupt politicians and corporate mafias. Don’t let them send your brothers, sons, and fathers to die for another war based on lies.

Compliance is complicity. Disobedience is duty. Time to choose.

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