Positioning for checkmate.

[Forwarded from Julians Rum]
Putin is basically making the sacrificial chess move that had to be made, ie, it’s a move that looks VERY BAD to the sheep herd and feeds the “Russia bad” narrative. But it’s the only way to position for checkmate, and Putin doesn’t give a fuck about short-term optics. He knows what’s at stake: humanity’s freedom as we know it


A thinking person’s war.


A few night musings.
WW1 lasted 4+ years
WW2 lasted 6+ years
Korean War lasted 3+ years
Vietnam War lasted 20+ years if Wiki can be believed
Those were the major wars of our predecessors.
They were ‘pre-internet’ wars.
The people had government and media narratives to follow.
This war (arguably WW3) is probably the most confusing of the lot and where misinformation proliferates.
We are guided substantially by Trump’s words. Yet we cannot take every word literally. It is a thinking person’s war