“The stage is set.”

In the not so distant future, the liberal ideology will be viewed as a horrific stain on human history. Future generations will ask how people fell for this madness. Just as we find it insane that the Nazis were a well supported socialist political party in 1920s-40s Germany.

I was born on a military base in Germany. I was too young to remember anything, but my parents told me relevant information via their experiences with Germans in the 90s. The people of Germany simply refuse to address the reality that the Nazis had support from the masses. They don’t talk about it. You’re not allowed to bring it up. Everyone just pretends like it never happened.

This will be the same fate of the modern day liberal/democrat. All of them will be disturbed that they were manipulated into trusting these evil people and most of them will refuse to admit they ever voted Democrat.

After all the crimes are brought to light and somewhat digested by the masses, the DNC will be abolished just as the Nazi party was abolished in 1945 by the Allied Control Council. Which was followed by International Military Tribunals at Nuremberg. I believe we will see something similar to address the biological weapons usage by DNC/Deep state actors in Ukraine and across the globe.

This is why you are seeing all of the far left agendas being put front and center. From the normalization of trans-genderism, pedophilia, and wokeness, to mass censorship and Orwellian surveillance, to medical tyranny, to the disregard of basic biology; these themes are being amplified. So when the time comes the DNC to be abolished, so will follow the ideologies that accompany the DNC. Along with the tyrannical leftist movements in other countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, UK.

This is about destroying the globalist ideology for good. And I must say, it’s working to perfection.

The stage is set, now it’s time for execution. Figuratively and literally.