There are too many “fact-resistant” people in my real life circles.

In many countries, masks are still compulsory in public spaces. I consider them to be a health hazard because the following happens when you wear a mask from a medical point of view.

  1. you breathe in your own exhaled air again. This leads to more carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in your blood.
  2. you absorb less oxygen than usual. Oxygen is essential for all vital functions of the body.
  3. your lungs are no longer “ventilated” as they should be. This promotes lung disease.
  4. if the mask is worn for more than half an hour, it will become contaminated with pathogens that you will inhale.
  5. the mask cannot filter out viruses.

Unfortunately, my understanding of fact-resistant people has run out after more than two years. Let them wear their mask but avoid wearing yours (in case you own one).

Simon @Goddek
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