Be careful who you follow.

You’re gonna a lot thrown at you as this crescendo builds. Don’t let your guard down is EXCELLENT ADVICE.

Just like many people instantly bought into Maxey’s claims about the 450 gb of new material he’s discovered on the laptop he got from Rudy G. , many people will also instantly buy into “there is no virus, 100,000 people across America entered into a massive conspiracy to poison us all with local water supplies”_


Psy-ops are being launched in your left and in your right.

Be careful who you follow.

GET RID OF ALL YOUR AUTHORITY FIGURES who appeal to your confirmation biases.

Research for yourself.

Don’t just instantly adopt some new claim some guy you never heard of two weeks ago presented to you.

The biggest danger MAGA has right now is that so many people have detached from reality they literally ready to believe anything.

You actually need MORE discernment and skepticism right now, not LESS.

Be your own authority.