Re: the Jan. 6th Congressional “Show Trial”

πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†He did call this ‘the misdemeanor from Hell’.

What do you think the Thomas Court with it’s current 5-4 Constitutionalist majority is going to do with this case when it reaches it?

A defendant being able to cross-examine witnesses testifying [and supposedly] proffering evidence to the jury against that defendant is one of the bedrock principles of American constitutional jurisprudence.

This is a show trial.

Everybody knows it.

But under the current legal structure, members of Congress made use of the speech and debate clause and -surprise! – a DC federal court judge agreed Bannon shouldn’t have the right to cross examine witnesses testifying against him.

Gee, this sounds like an issue the Supreme Court should weigh in about.

Can members of Congress use the ‘speech and debate’ clause as a way to enter testimony against a political target of a political prosecution in a deep blue quagmire Swamp during a carefully orchestrated show trial?

I can’t wait to see what the Clarence Thomas court has to say about this.

Author: Roscoe Ellis

I am a fully retired Texan, Roman Catholic, Knight of Columbus, a friend of Israel. Half my heart is in the Philippines. The other half is in Northern Indiana. I also play Correspondence Chess. #MAGA

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