God is writing a story of redemption.

The Indictment of Steve Bannon by the DOJ after his refusal to provide to the Jan 6th committee information that is protected by executive privilege can be seen as a template the deep state will likely apply to President Trump.

A few days ago, Trump was subpoenaed by the Jan 6th committee and asked to provide certain documents. His fiery response indicates that he is not going to cooperate with their witch hunt. The most likely outcome will be an indictment against Trump by the DOJ. In an interview a few weeks ago, when asked if he was concerned about being indicted, he replied that he didn’t think Americans would stand for it.

We’re going to arrive at a point where the DC swamp will try to arrest the leader of our movement. One of their goals is to manufacture a charge they can use to claim he is not eligible to run for President in 2024. A second goal is to infuriate Trump supporters and entice us to commit acts of violence. If we do, they can claim we’re violent, anti-government extremists. And of course, if we assemble to peacefully to protest the injustice, they’ll plant feds in our midst who will commit acts of violence to give the media their talking points.

As we approach this critical time, I would caution you not to react out of anger when that time comes. The swamp wants you to react in anger. We defeat them by refusing to fall for their trap.

God is writing a story of redemption. The redemption arc must take the main character (and the audience) through unimaginable difficulty. They suffer brutality, injustice, rejection, disappointment, loneliness, betrayal and humiliation. The death and resurrection of Christ revealed that it is only through suffering that one can be redeemed to ultimate glory.

Trump, the United States, an indeed, the world are on a path of redemption. The divine plan requires us to pass through a time of hardship. The lessons we must learn are intended to prepare us for our divine destiny. If we learn patience during trials, if we acquire faith through tribulation, if we persevere during persecution, if we stand in the fire and are not consumed, our character will be refined as gold.

In the coming days, it may appear (at least temporarily) as if all hope is lost. But when that day comes, put a smile on your face and keep marching. Remind yourself that while it may appear dark, the destruction of the deep state, justice for traitors, and the redemption of the world is drawing near.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.