Surprisingly Good Morning Metrics

You know that I check health metrics (body weight and blood pressure) and activity in my bank accounts every morning. Every morning, without fail. This morning all my numbers were very good.

My body weight was back down to its lowest since measuring it with my new, more accurate scales purchased a month ago. Five pounds lower than yesterday. The facts that I ate more moderately yesterday and slept much better last night may both have contributed to that.

Often when I note a significant weight loss, there is a corresponding bump up in my blood pressure . That wasn’t the case today. 119/75 was my bp reading this morning: one of the lowest readings for the week. My doctor would be proud.

Checking my bank balances I was surprised to see that the monthly SSA deposit had already appeared in my checking account. This is five days earlier than expected. Such an early deposit has never happened before for me in the nine years that I’ve been receiving those Social Security Retirement checks. Though I am curious about why the deposit came early, I am happy as always to see it.

This morning’s metrics gave me a smile and helped me face the day ahead with a good attitude. Yes, indeed!

Queen-Queen Checkmate

Checkmating a White King is easy when you have a pair of Black Queens. I won this correspondence chess game yesterday with the Queen-Queen mate pictured above.

When I replayed this game after it finished I saw some missed moves on my part that could have ended it sooner, but I’ll gladly take my wins however they come. As it happened this was the last game to be completed in a small club tourney, and my win here gave me the second place finish among all the other players. And that made me happy.

The animated gif below shows this entire game played, move by move.

Ah Wednesday, you have not been one of my favorites.

Sticking with my plan as decided yesterday, I didn’t really do anything physical today.

Did spend a good amount of time working on my chess, so there is that.

And I wound up having two long phone conversations taking care of KofC business. Those of you who know about me and telephones know how very rare that is.

The day ended with me staying up way too late watching old episodes of NCIS with Sylvia. So I’m heading to bed much later than I should.

Here’s hoping for a better Thursday. I’ll do what I can to make it that way.

Work and recovery…

That pretty much defines my Tuesday. One and a half hours spent mowing the front yard, then the rest of the day spent recovering from that. No kidding.

It’s hard for me to believe that so much fatigue and exhaustion could come from such a simple chore. The first 45 minutes after I came back into the house found me more worn out than I think I’ve ever been. Ever. Even now, well into the evening and time to start my nightly prayers, my energy levels are so far below where they ought to be.

Sylvia scolded me when she returned home from work midday. She reminded me that she told me NOT to mow the lawn this morning. And she reminded me that my yesterday was very full of extra things and kept me up past my bedtime.

But the lawn REALLY needed mowing, and now it looks nice.

I think I’ll take her advice and plan on doing nothing tomorrow but resting. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

My old back yard

Eleven years ago I was about to wrap up my decade of living in an upscale residential hotel, a lifestyle I STRONGLY endorse. San Antonio’s historic Riverwalk was my backyard. The above photo, taken with an older smartphone, if I remember correctly, was taken as I stepped out for a relaxing walk one Summer evening.

While waiting at the barber shop…

… yesterday afternoon for a barber to become available, I was able to pass the time by logging onto the Internet and working on my correspondence chess games. One of those games I won playing White with a Bishop-Queen-pawn checkmate. The board at the end of that game:

And that game played out, move by move, in an animated screen:

I’m tempted to say I won this cc game, …

… but actually my opponent was defeated more by chess blindness, that dread malady that hits most of us from time to time. Technically, I did win the game. My opponent playing the Black pieces resigned this afternoon when my pawn captured his Queen at 10.bxa5 giving me the victory by default. But there was absolutely no good reason for him to have moved there. Chess blindness, that must have been operative here.

And the short move record of this quick little game:

1.d4 b5 2.b4 Bb7 3.Nf3 e6 4.a3 Bxf3 5.exf3 Nf6 6.Bxb5 c6 7.Ba4 Be7 8.O-O O-O 9.Re1 Qa5 10. bxa5

A Win With Black

Yesterday I won this correspondence chess game with the Black pieces when my opponent playing White resigned. Our board at game’s end is below:

Our two Kings were equally defended, but my Rook and Pawn advantage meant that I’d be able to advance one of my pawns to its last rank and convert it to a Queen, while he couldn’t do that. I could then force checkmate easily. An animated gif file of our full game can be seen below: