I’m tempted to say I won this cc game, …

… but actually my opponent was defeated more by chess blindness, that dread malady that hits most of us from time to time. Technically, I did win the game. My opponent playing the Black pieces resigned this afternoon when my pawn captured his Queen at 10.bxa5 giving me the victory by default. But there was absolutely no good reason for him to have moved there. Chess blindness, that must have been operative here.

And the short move record of this quick little game:

1.d4 b5 2.b4 Bb7 3.Nf3 e6 4.a3 Bxf3 5.exf3 Nf6 6.Bxb5 c6 7.Ba4 Be7 8.O-O O-O 9.Re1 Qa5 10. bxa5

A Win With Black

Yesterday I won this correspondence chess game with the Black pieces when my opponent playing White resigned. Our board at game’s end is below:

Our two Kings were equally defended, but my Rook and Pawn advantage meant that I’d be able to advance one of my pawns to its last rank and convert it to a Queen, while he couldn’t do that. I could then force checkmate easily. An animated gif file of our full game can be seen below:

From Parity to Checkmate in Six Moves

I won this correspondence chess game yesterday with a simple Queen-Bishop combination checkmate.

But the bare board at game’s end doesn’t tell the whole story of this game. My opponent and I had actually played well fought game and at the end of our 36th full move we were at material parity: we each had the same number of the same pieces and plenty of fire power.

But from that point to the end of the game, things got quite bloody and ended with my White Queen, assisted by her Bishop, checkmating the Black King.

Watch the game play below:

That pile of branches…

… in my front yard, between the sidewalk and the street, doesn’t look particularly impressive in and of itself. But…

… I feel pretty good about it being there in time for the city to haul it away on Monday morning, our neighborhood’s designated Brush Collection day.

Those are the mostly dead branches from the fig tree in my back yard that I was able to prune this afternoon. One live branch bearing plenty of unripe figs had to come down, it was growing directly onto my roof.

Yesterday and the day before were very rainy here, and tomorrow and the day after are supposed to be rain filled, but today was dry. The ground is still too wet to mow, but I was able to prune my fig tree.

Proof that God has a sense of humor: that big tree saw I ordered to cut those larger branches seen in the picture above was delivered this afternoon AFTER I had finished the pruning with my small, 10 inch hand saw. I had hauled all the branches around the house and piled them by the curb, and had sat down in my recliner to cool off with a bottle of water when I heard the Amazon driver set the package with my big saw on the front porch. Huh! Talk about timing.