The next couple years? Maybe?

This might be an unpopular opinion, but here is how I see the next couple years playing out.

  • Real America First, Trump endorsed patriots absolutely dominate the midterms. Red wave.
  • With the majority in the House & Senate, this is when the real fun begins. All the deep state criminals are investigated, indicted and will start facing justice. We will get to watch with popcorn as maximum pain is inflicted on them. Swamp drained.
  • Trump wins in 2024 and we will experience a full 4 years of glory. Truly elected Patriots running Congress to support the greatest POTUS of all time. Clean slate!

The world will be changed forever and once all the globalist criminals are fully exposed, even the never-Trumpers will be forced to admit they were wrong about Trump.

Obviously I’d love for the military to step in tomorrow, but I don’t see how that would bring unity.

Just my humble opinion ☺️

PS – All future elections will be legit.


Finding Telegram has been one of the happiest things of my 2021.

🥳✨ 2021 was a phenomenal year for Telegram. It became the most downloaded app in the world in January, managed to welcome 70 million new users in just one day in October, and was declared the fastest growing app of the year in December.

We know we owe this growth to you – our users – so we carefully listened to your feedback and kept making Telegram better for you throughout the year. Yesterday we released our 12th major update this year, packed with the features you requested – like reactions and message translation 👌

With each update we try to not simply add a missing feature, but instead expand its boundaries and redefine how it looks, feels and works. We hope that this approach can improve the quality of human communication and bring more efficiency, happiness and joy to the world 💫

The spoiler animations we just rolled out are pure magic, while the custom animated QR codes in this update make QRs sexy again. The newly added message reactions are already spectacular, but it’s just the start: we are now busy finding ways to make them even more stunning 🔥

I’m grateful for your love of Telegram and excited by what we can do for you in 2022. Thank you – and have a glorious New Year! 🎄