Information warfare

Putin’s speech postponed until tomorrow.

Head fakes. Feints. Information warfare.

Now the media cycle can run its course, drawing more eyes on the situation, and normalizing the populace.

Perhaps drawing out the enemy’s moves. Lots of variables in play.

Speculation from the Left is that Putin plans to “fully mobilize for war with Ukraine”.

I have no idea what the public address is about, but I know the Left tend to be wrong about everything.

Keep eyes on the situation.

It’s slavery

It’s 2016. You work all day long, barely making ends meet.

You want a change in leadership, so November comes around and you vote for Trump.

Despite the will of the People, the DNC and rogue elements within the US government, deemed your vote irrelevant. They took your taxpayer dollars, used it to pay a literal Russian spy to lie to the FBI, so they could spy on, smear, and destroy the man you voted for.

A government who doesn’t respect the will of the People is not democracy. It’s slavery.


Welcome to WW3

🚨🚨 Biden said he would use military force to defend Taiwan from Chinese invasion. 🚨🚨

Firstly, if Trump said this, it would be wall to wall coverage and they would write a “Fire and Fury” book about it. But most importantly, what is so valuable in Taiwan that would warrant the Biden to engage in direct war with China over an island on their border, when he is in the middle of a proxy war with Russia already?

As we have known for months, China has threatened to do it, Trump said it as well; military action is going to happen in Taiwan. Myself and others talked about this back in February. What’s in Taiwan?

Yup, you guessed it. US funded biological laboratories. Russia and China have both been vocal at the UN about the US global biological network.

Most notably, the Academia Sinica in Taipei. The advisory board chair is American, 3 other board members are American, 1 is German, 1 is Australian, 1 is Swiss, 2 are Japanese and only 1 is Taiwanese. This lab is responsible for a reported lab outbreak of C19 being carried in rodents that infected a lab worker back in Dec, 2021.

Keep a sharp eye out for what comes out of Taiwan. If China’s military moves into Taiwan, I GUARANTEE they secure the biolabs and they will look to expose any US biological activity.

The question is, can the western media complex continue to cover up and deny the reality of the US global biological network? It’s going to be even more difficult when both the Russian AND Chinese militaries are providing hard evidence of US biological malfeasance/weaponized pathogens in Ukraine and Taiwan.

What happens when Russia, China, and Trump are all saying the same globalist players are involved in creating C19?

Welcome to WW3.


The world needs correction.

Just so we are all clear, Hunter Biden was funneling US DoD funds to privately owned biolabs in a country with Nazi Military forces, and proceeded to conduct dangerous research which led to the release of a genetically modified pathogen with enhanced transmissibility and lethality, that ruined the world and killed millions worldwide (C19). Which in turn caused Russia to move in with military force and neutralize these US funded labs, being protected by Nazi Military forces…

Russia wasn’t kidding when they said they were “denazifying” Ukraine. Just like Russia wasn’t kidding when they said the US were creating bioweapons in Ukraine. Just like they weren’t kidding when they said they didn’t want to take Ukraine. If Putin wanted, they could have flattened Ukraine in a few days. But no, they neutralized the labs and stopped.

So Putin is conducting a precise military operation against Nazis, he’s shutting down biolabs from the country that was responsible for the release of the pathogen that caused the worldwide pandemic… kinda sounds like Putin is the good guy here. Could you imagine if actual military Nazi forces were protecting labs in Mexico and Canada? AND the people operating these labs were responsible for creating and letting out C19? EVERY SINGLE American would be calling for our military to bomb the piss out of whomever is responsible. That’s how the Russian people feel. They’d prefer not to let the Nazis have bioweapons at their border…

I’m not saying Russia is innocent. No country is. But to think the US government is innocent, is just ridiculous. Why do we hate Russia? Because they have nukes, a strong military, and use harsh government surveillance and propaganda on their people? You mean all the exact same shit we do? You have been conditioned to hate Russia. We used to be allies with Russia. When we prosecuted the Nazis at Nuremberg, Russia was one of the four countries assisting in the tribunals.

Over the past 30 years, our government has been no better than Russia. In fact, Russia is not involved in releasing pandemic inducing pathogens and killing millions of people worldwide. If anything, recent evidence would suggest the US government is far worse. Not to mention they are currently supplying weapons to Nazi Military forces, so that really doesn’t help their argument.

This world needs correction. We can’t go on like this. Truth will eventually prevail and future generations will look back on this time with absolute horror. But before we get there, we will continue to endure this great suffering. When the suffering concludes, it will be unforgettable and unforgivable. This will deter future generations from allowing this to happen again, as the scars from this torment will never fade. These acts are that of true evil.

The People will NEVER forget.