Reality is warped.

The world is in psychological purgatory.

The Dems cried wolf for 4 years about Trump conspiring with Putin to interfere in the 2016 election. The media were reporting on it as if it were fact, the majority of the public believed it, and all of it turned out to be a lie.

Now we have incontrovertible evidence that the Dems conspired with Twitter, MSM, FBI/DHS, etc., and ACTUALLY interfered in the 2020 election, and the MSM are calling it a “nothing burger”.

Reality is warped.

Trump is right.

Trump is pretty much echoing my sentiments.

This is an unprecedented event, and therefore requires unprecedented action.

The only action that would make sense to establish order, would be the US Military, by letter of their Oath to defend the Constitution, which the Deep State have incontrovertibly attacked and violated.

Trump is right. Unprecedented action is required, and now our eyes look to the US MIL to fulfill their Oath.

We are waiting.


A new and improved America First GOP is about to take majorities in the House and the Senate.

If these people are serious about fixing this country, they will:

-File articles of impeachment for Biden

-Open investigations into everything

-Allocate money to build the wall

-Stop masking our kids

-Stop C19 mandates

-Stop sending money and weapons to Ukraine

After the DNC and their policies ruined this country, the only response is SCORCHED EARTH.

We the People have had enough.


Tulsi, White Hat.

Holy shit I did not know this, but Tulsi is a high ranking officer in US MIL Intelligence, Psychological Operations Command.

The same exact US MIL personnel we believe to be running the Q operation, Tulsi is part of it.

Notice how she’s the only one who spoke out on the existence of US Biolabs in Ukraine. Notice how she’s been administering red pills to centrists for years. Notice how she’s inflicting MASSIVE damage to the DNC before the midterms.

She’s 100% a White Hat, through and through.


I long for the day …

I can feel the collective weight bearing down on all of us. We are unwilling pawns in a never-ending psychological and spiritual war.

Nuclear destruction lays on the forefront of the collective mind. There’s this broad sense of impending doom.

Yet Anons know that everything is going to be fine. What a blessing and a curse.

I can’t properly put it into words, but it’s exhausting. I simply long for the day when my mind is no longer subject to informational warfare.