7 now, and Saturday plans

As you may have noticed if you come to this blog via its front page rather than by following a link to an individual post, the main column is now showing 7 posts rather than 5. A reason for this change is to make more room for my own words among all the interesting memes and quotes I’m finding on the Internet lately. Not that I’ll ever have anything profound to say, but as it is my blog it seems there should be more “me” here. You know? We’ll see how that works.

Plans for today are very modest. There is yard work that needs doing, but the heavy pollen count will keep me inside under the a/c. Ragweed and tree pollens always wreck my sinuses, and those are the bad guys filling the air here in San Antonio today. So this old boy will play it smart by avoiding those and keeping Zyrtec handy.

College Football Games will entertain me this afternoon. Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin is on the TV now and I’ve not yet decided which game I’ll be following next. There are several good ones from which to choose.

After the afternoon’s football, my Saturday evening monster movie will be hosted by Svengoolie, as always.

Unless something unexpected comes up, this how I’m planning my day.

Less curation, and more… me.

For some time now I’ve using this blog to share tweets, posts from telegram, or memes found from hither and yon that I find entertaining and/or edifying, that express views with which I mostly agree. And there has not been much written by me. That’s going to change.

Oh, I’ll probably continue sharing things I find. But I’ll also be posting more of my own writing. These will mostly be “quick notes,” short observations of a sentence or two, often spontaneously put up whenever the mood strikes. Maybe a paragraph or two, but seldom anything long enough to qualify as an essay.

At least, these are my plans at this point in time.

Problem Solved!

And it was such an easy fix!

Apparently the problem of work in progress being moved to an older, unused blog only happens when the work is being done in the Chrome browser, on a Chromebook. When I work in the WordPress app on my Android phone, or that app on my Chromebook, there is no such problem.

And when I work on this new blog in a Firefox browser on my Linux laptop everything happens as it should.

Wish all my problems could be fixed so easily! 🙂

A major frustration…

A major frustration regarding this new WordPress dot com blog is related to the fact that I’ve had several other blogs on this platform over the years. Despite my best attempts, there seems to be no way to delete those older, long unused blogs. When I try to work on this new one, I’m often moved over to one of the old ones through no action of my own.