Be careful who you follow.

You’re gonna a lot thrown at you as this crescendo builds. Don’t let your guard down is EXCELLENT ADVICE.

Just like many people instantly bought into Maxey’s claims about the 450 gb of new material he’s discovered on the laptop he got from Rudy G. , many people will also instantly buy into “there is no virus, 100,000 people across America entered into a massive conspiracy to poison us all with local water supplies”_


Psy-ops are being launched in your left and in your right.

Be careful who you follow.

GET RID OF ALL YOUR AUTHORITY FIGURES who appeal to your confirmation biases.

Research for yourself.

Don’t just instantly adopt some new claim some guy you never heard of two weeks ago presented to you.

The biggest danger MAGA has right now is that so many people have detached from reality they literally ready to believe anything.

You actually need MORE discernment and skepticism right now, not LESS.

Be your own authority.

“And thank God…”

None of this is supposed to be happening.

They weren’t supposed to lift the lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Omicron made them do that.

Putin wasn’t supposed to invade Ukraine and expose the literal Nazis and biolabs there to the world.

Durham isn’t supposed to be coming and zeroing right in on Hillary Clinton and her team at her campaign HQ, at Perkins Coie or Fusion GPS.

They’re not supposed to be having to suddenly reverse themselves on the Biden Crime Family investigation, frantically trying to get their captive audience up to speed before what’s coming arrives.

There wasn’t supposed to be a Great Awakening.

What they had planned on was The Great Reset.

But The Great Reset is dead.

And they can’t stop The Great Awakening.

The boundaries are shifting.

The lines are being redrawn.

Nations are realigning.

It’s too late to stop it.

And thank God for it.

You kill a 17-headed Hydra all at once or not at all.

[Forwarded from Brian Cates – Political Columnist ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Brian Cates)]
You kill a 17 headed Hydra all at once or not at all. And this Hydra does not live in one country. It’s all over the world. Starving it out into the open and then cutting off all 17 heads at once is going to be nasty, hard brutal and difficult. Wars always are. Sorry if this upsets some people. We’ve been in a war for over 2 years now. Probably the most important war ever fought in the history of the world.

Happening a lot lately…

[Forwarded from We The Media ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (AwakenedOutlaw ⭐️⭐️⭐️ & OutlawJW on Gab)]
Y’all, the fact checkers dismissed Trump’s assertion that he was spied on so it obviously never happened…..until it was just revealed that it did, in fact, happen.

That being said, remember how we were all mocked and dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and guilty of spreading ‘misinformation’? Turns out we were right the whole damn time.

That’s happening a lot lately. Weird, right?

The entire Biden administration is going to collapse.

When I say the entire Biden administration is about to collapse, I’m not exaggerating. No one who came in with Biden will be able to remain once the bombs start falling from Durham. Biden. Harris. Garland. Monaco. Haines. Sullivan. Blinken. Can you grasp what I’m saying? 2 or three people won’t be leaving, this won’t be shuffling a few folks around; the entire administration will go under. Historically unprecedented. But they did it to themselves.

Dysfunctional People

One of the keenest observations about how the media and our federal agencies became the way they are was stated by Andrew Breitbart in an interview I saw several years before he passed. He said the top levels of the mainstream media are chock full of dysfunctional people who don’t live in the same reality as the rest of us. In other words, it’s easier for them to do what they do – to not just lie but to actively work to cover up the truth – because that industry attracts dysfunctional personality types who crave the power trip.

There was no insurrection by Trump supporters.

I remember Jan 6 2021 very well.

I was there, 3 rows from center stage.

Arrived at 8:30am, departed at 1pm.

It was a long day and Patriots
stood there in freezing weather for
HOURS, waiting to hear from Trump

This crowd was calm, friendly, lively
but ready to storm the capitol?

Absolutely not.

WELL BEFORE Trump finished
speaking, the group I was with was
notified people were “storming
the capitol”. Those that “stormed
the capitol” were NOT the same folks
that peacefully gathered and waited
until Trump FINISHED speaking to

Once Trump finished, our group
proceeded to walk back towards
Trump hotel and continued to
receive notifications that
“something was happening at the

1) The people who caused the
mayhem at the capitol were plants.
Many feds, many antifa, etc.

2) There was no insurrection and
no incitement by the million Trump
supporters I was around that day

A Fascinating Read

This is the most fascinating read I’ve come across since @PatelPatriot put together the devolution series…

Why does Trump have an office where he releases daily press statements?

Why is Trump meeting with his “former” cabinet members in Mar-A-Lago while the MSM freaks out over him running a shadow government?

Why did all of these white hats team up to form private sector “corporations” and “consulting firms” after the election?

What was up with that Chris Miller statement about this being “one of the most complex military operations in history?”

Why did Pompeo seemingly acknowledge the fraud only to “do nothing?”

Why does it seem like the Biden admin is constantly in the dark when it comes to national intelligence?

What was up with all of these last minute changes right before and leading up to J6?

In a series that focuses on the possibility of Trump running a government in exile, SLAG does an incredible job of laying out the receipts of such a scenario.

Stop what you’re doing and read this NOW. You’ll be happy you did 😎.


Part 1:

Part 2:

God bless Patriots!!!

And thank you ALL for stepping up in America’s time of need.

@ElectionEvidence 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲