There was no insurrection by Trump supporters.

I remember Jan 6 2021 very well.

I was there, 3 rows from center stage.

Arrived at 8:30am, departed at 1pm.

It was a long day and Patriots
stood there in freezing weather for
HOURS, waiting to hear from Trump

This crowd was calm, friendly, lively
but ready to storm the capitol?

Absolutely not.

WELL BEFORE Trump finished
speaking, the group I was with was
notified people were “storming
the capitol”. Those that “stormed
the capitol” were NOT the same folks
that peacefully gathered and waited
until Trump FINISHED speaking to

Once Trump finished, our group
proceeded to walk back towards
Trump hotel and continued to
receive notifications that
“something was happening at the

1) The people who caused the
mayhem at the capitol were plants.
Many feds, many antifa, etc.

2) There was no insurrection and
no incitement by the million Trump
supporters I was around that day

A Fascinating Read

This is the most fascinating read I’ve come across since @PatelPatriot put together the devolution series…

Why does Trump have an office where he releases daily press statements?

Why is Trump meeting with his “former” cabinet members in Mar-A-Lago while the MSM freaks out over him running a shadow government?

Why did all of these white hats team up to form private sector “corporations” and “consulting firms” after the election?

What was up with that Chris Miller statement about this being “one of the most complex military operations in history?”

Why did Pompeo seemingly acknowledge the fraud only to “do nothing?”

Why does it seem like the Biden admin is constantly in the dark when it comes to national intelligence?

What was up with all of these last minute changes right before and leading up to J6?

In a series that focuses on the possibility of Trump running a government in exile, SLAG does an incredible job of laying out the receipts of such a scenario.

Stop what you’re doing and read this NOW. You’ll be happy you did 😎.


Part 1:

Part 2:

God bless Patriots!!!

And thank you ALL for stepping up in America’s time of need.

@ElectionEvidence 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Do not let the wolves divide

[Forwarded from Woke Societies]
General Flynn just shared Brian Cates Telegram channel and told everyone to follow him for his excellent journalism.

Flynn and Cates share one thing in common. Lin wood attacked both of them in the recent days and months.

I’ve followed Cates since the twitter days because of his in depth knowledge of Spygate. This community knows and apparently Flynn knows too who the solid citizen journalists are. Do not let the wolves divide. We have a country to save.

@WokeSocieties 🇺🇸

I’m with you, Brian.

Brian Cates: If those out to destroy MAGA can fracture the MAGA base and get us all fighting over and arguing about whether or not we should expel gay people like Brandon Straka, Scott Pressler or Ric Grennell from the movement, our enemies will have won a major victory. Their argument will be that it’s time to shrink the MAGA tent because there’s people in the movement who should not be allowed to be in the movement. I’m determined to not even let that conversation start. Who’s with me?