They Cook The Numbers!



I know, right? It’s the fact that they think they are so clever and I’m too stupid to see reality that they can BS me. I find THAT extremely offensive. Hospitals filling up with COV19 infected patients? BULLSHIT. Jab children and young healthy adults? BULLSHIT.

Here’s the thing: Someone goes into the hospital for a broken wrist or whatever. UNRELATED to COVID symptoms. Protocol requires a COV19 test. False positive is guaranteed and BOOM another COVID “case”. They cook the #s.

Resist at all costs

-Covid-19, which is a man made weapon of mass destruction, was intentionally released to cause global panic and human isolation.

-Anything that could help prevent death from this bioweapon has been vilified such as early intervention with Hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin

-Panic and isolation are being used to coercive people to take a poison death shot

-the poison death shot causes strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, miscarriages, neurological diseases, cancer, autoimmune dysfunction, infertility, and antibody dependent enhancement

-the poison death shot contains biometrics sensors that measure internal physiological data and transmit it to a third party with your location. See the following patent:

-the poison death shot is a weapon eugenics designed by devolved pagans that want to enslave humanity


Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

Infection Survival Rate from Covid-19

[Forwarded from Robin Monotti+Dr Mike Yeadon+Cory Morningstar Channel]
Infection Survival Rate of Covid-19 – Stanford University Study

By all historical notions of pandemic fatalities, there was no pandemic in 2020-21. The average % risk of death in any one year for the 70+ is not too dissimilar even without this respiratory virus.

Drs Ioannidis & Axfors at Stanford

Age Infection Survival Rate
0-19 99.9973%
20-29 99.986%
30-39 99.969%
40-49 99.918%
50-59 99.73%
60-69 99.41%
70+ 97.6% (not in care homes or hospitals)
70+ 94.5% (all)

This is data taken from 2020 when most doctors did not know or implement adequate treatments.

With treatments and honest numbers these numbers would be much higher. This is a worst case scenario infection survival rate.