Michigan rigged the election.

Lawsuit Claims Michigan Election Chief Illegally Accepted Zuckerberg Money to Swing 2020 Election

A lawsuit filed against Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson asserts she illegally accepted private money for the 2020 presidential election to swing the election for Joe Biden, Just the News reported.

The Chicago-based Thomas More Society filed the lawsuit in the Michigan Court of Claims, alleging Benson violated election law by spending private election funding on partisan purposes that denied Michigan voters’ constitutional equal access voting rights.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan contributed $400 million nationwide into the 2020 election through their Chicago-based nonprofit, the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), according to a report by The Center Square.

InfluenceWatch found that “25 of the 26 cities and counties that received at least $1 million from CTCL went to Biden in 2020.” The New York Times noted that the communities that were CTCL grant recipients cast about 76% of their combined votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Thor Hearne said that Benson spent CTCL money to boost Democrat-dominated areas in the 2020 election via increased mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

At least 11 Republican-led states have barred or limited the use of private funding in future elections: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. The Kansas law goes further, making it a felony for a government official to accept or spend private money to help conduct an election, CNN stated.

Thomas More Society attorneys are representing Wisconsin voters in a similar lawsuit.

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A Fascinating Read

This is the most fascinating read I’ve come across since @PatelPatriot put together the devolution series…

Why does Trump have an office where he releases daily press statements?

Why is Trump meeting with his “former” cabinet members in Mar-A-Lago while the MSM freaks out over him running a shadow government?

Why did all of these white hats team up to form private sector “corporations” and “consulting firms” after the election?

What was up with that Chris Miller statement about this being “one of the most complex military operations in history?”

Why did Pompeo seemingly acknowledge the fraud only to “do nothing?”

Why does it seem like the Biden admin is constantly in the dark when it comes to national intelligence?

What was up with all of these last minute changes right before and leading up to J6?

In a series that focuses on the possibility of Trump running a government in exile, SLAG does an incredible job of laying out the receipts of such a scenario.

Stop what you’re doing and read this NOW. You’ll be happy you did 😎.

Start: https://slagfa.substack.com/p/the-wartime-presidency

Part 1: https://slagfa.substack.com/p/the-wartime-presidency-part-i

Part 2: https://slagfa.substack.com/p/the-wartime-presidency-part-ii

God bless Patriots!!!

And thank you ALL for stepping up in America’s time of need.

@ElectionEvidence 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲


Disturbing News From Virginia

[Forwarded from Linda]
Seth. Don’t know if you saw this.
My wife and I went for early voting in Virginia today, and something very disturbing happened.

We were both told we couldn’t vote since we had requested and been sent absentee ballots. Since we had done nothing of the sort, we raised hell and they finally produced affidavits we could sign saying that we had lost the ballots we requested. We demanded affidavits saying that we had never requested absentee ballots and absentee ballots had never been received by us. We were told there was no such thing. We could either sign the affidavits saying we had lost the ballots we had requested or go home without voting. We signed.

During the time we were there and engaged in this dispute, a matter of about fifteen minutes, I overheard THREE other people going through exactly the same thing.

We live in a heavily Democrat-controlled precinct in a Democrat-controlled state in which the Republican candidate for governor is running even with the Democrat candidate. A not inconsiderable number of people in just one precinct during a very brief period of time were complaining that the voter rolls showed they had requested and received absentee ballots they did not request or receive.

Are you getting the picture here?

When the election process becomes an endemically corrupt process manipulated by the Democrat Party to retain power at all costs, we are finished as a free nation. It appears to me that has already happened.


The case for election audits

[Forwarded from Seth Keshel]
Tale 1: You go to the doctor for a checkup. A lab tech takes a blood sample and a few days later, the doctor calls you up and says that while your general health outlook appears stable, you have a few lab values that are off that he would like to evaluate, as they may align with symptoms of serious disease. You’re busy and shrug it off, and four years later, die of something that was treatable if attacked early.

Tale 2: You live in a GOP state and have a presidential election. Data experts evaluate the certified results, and some time later they call up the politicians and consultants and say that while the general health appears stable (the state remained Republican) you have a handful of counties that appear to be off that you’d like to evaluate, as they may align with symptoms of serious election fraud. You’re busy searching for donations and allowing this under the table, and four years later, your state is taken over by people it has no intention of electing at all.

Sound familiar? This is the argument for audits. These are OUR ballots and OUR processes, not theirs. This is not just about data. Affidavits are sworn under penalty of perjury and are thus considered evidence.

In Texas, we have countless affidavits alleging drive-through voting fraud, with perps coming through with a handful of drivers licenses and receiving as many ballots to return themselves right in the lane. Ask Bianca Garcia about that.

We have a Democrat operative spilling the beans on the election fraud ring in our country’s third largest city, Houston. We have obvious counties in the reddest parts of Texas that appear to have electronic fraud. Our suburban counties have record GOP growth % on top of an already high total of votes, only to be surpassed by 60-80% democrat vote gains in the same counties in the same year.

And this is just Texas. The politicians cannot deny the people our transparency. They work for us. They need to get that straight. If your state doesn’t think they have an issue, press them to give an opinion on the absolute gutter trash “election” conducted in PA, MI, WI, MN, AZ, NV, GA and ask if they think that disenfranchised the voters and electors of their own state. That was the spirit of Texas vs. Pennsylvania.

History will not remember the names of the cowards who refused to guarantee election integrity. I’m glad they think they’re right – now it is time to prove it. If you prove us wrong, it means you proved we have sustainable elections and thus are doing good things for this country. We will acknowledge that. But you won’t attempt to prove us wrong.

We will persist.