“It’s going to get VERY ugly.”


Gotta hand it to the Deep State – they don’t quit

Just days after President Trump announces his run for President knowing he’s going to fire tens of thousands of corrupt Feds, the DOJ announces not 1 but *2* criminal probes into his actions

Make no mistake, the 2024 election cycle will be historic

The Deep State knows if they lose, their decades of infiltration and hundreds of billions in globalist investments will cease and many will end up in jail

It’s going to get VERY ugly

That “Red Wave” we all expected?

There really was a red wave in the midterms, but it was macro-engineered to a trickle, as should have been expected. The scam of “malfunctioning” voting machines, the shortage of paper ballots, the tsunami of mail-in and late ballots, the temporary closing and slow-downs of polling stations, and so on would have been sufficient to determine an electoral result. 2020 was an early run for 2022, which in turn should be regarded as a template for 2024.


Erik Ollsen is dead.

Erik Ollsen is dead

who is Erik Ollsen?

Welp, he was the lead investigator for the nordstream attack….

Tweet reads: Olsen, found at home. Bee sting cause of death, cremated within hours. In charge of investigating Nordstream sabotage.

Let me repeat that: The LEAD INVESTIGATOR of the Nordstream pipeline sabotage just died of a BEE STING and was CREMATED WITHIN HOURS.

Sound legit?


They Cook The Numbers!

Jack-O @JackO@freeatlantis.com


I know, right? It’s the fact that they think they are so clever and I’m too stupid to see reality that they can BS me. I find THAT extremely offensive. Hospitals filling up with COV19 infected patients? BULLSHIT. Jab children and young healthy adults? BULLSHIT.

Here’s the thing: Someone goes into the hospital for a broken wrist or whatever. UNRELATED to COVID symptoms. Protocol requires a COV19 test. False positive is guaranteed and BOOM another COVID “case”. They cook the #s.