Hold Fast.


A comment on Devolution.

Let us remember that by definition, Devolution is an emergency procedure to be used in extreme circumstances such as WAR.

That we see evidence piling up for the existence for devolution means we are experiencing actual WAR or extreme circumstances that are tantamount to WAR.

The WAR must involve an ENEMY, a foreign power.

We see the CCP as the most likely foe.

The CCP has global influence, power, agents and allies.

Thus we are in a WORLD WAR.

Hold Fast.

We must fight back!


The strategy straight from Hell is to wipe out the middle class and transform the US to socialism.

The players have been positioning themselves for decades, patiently waiting to strike.

Obama was the Trojan horse who weaponized the US government.

Hillary did not happen, and we had a 4 year reprieve under Trump.

Biden was installed to ensure that the fundamental transformation of the US would continue.

It is happening now through these mandates.

We must fight back!