Memo from General Flynn

Memo to the Nation:
America is going through a major transitional period. We are living in a meaningful time. Americans don’t despair, we wake and we rise. We commit to do even more for our loved ones, communities, houses of worship, school boards, town councils or county boards. This commitment also strengthens us. And it draws others to our side. And others will join the cause because it’s theirs, too.
Our nation faces a test of faith. Faith in God, faith in ourselves, faith in each other, faith in our families and friends and faith that our constitution will stand this test of time and adversity. Our founders envisioned this time of immense challenge and warned us about the rise of tyranny against our desire for freedom.
During this test, reflect back on the most important component of your life (for me it is my children and grandchildren)…and never forget that one thing more important than freedom is faith in God. All Americans should focus on the positive things in our lives and how we as a nation will rise above the dark shadows of evil and once again discover the light.
The hard times my family and I encountered these past several years have given me time and reason to reflect on our country and our cause. My thinking has been augmented, clarified and sharpened by my correspondence with tens of thousands of Americans, maybe by you. We have to and MUST return to our roots as a nation.

Michael T. Flynn LTG (R) USA


Our nation faces perilous times due to the complacency of our citizens and the severe overreach of our government. But it has become very clear, the American people have awakened. We now have to activate every single American who cares about this country, future generations of Americans, and the many thousands who preceded us who sacrificed everything for our freedom.

In the course of history, nation states and empires rose and fell. They did so because the people succumbed to tyranny or they responded to the times they faced.

We face the most consequential of times in all of U.S. history and it is now time to respond. Once again, we as a free, democratic republic, face a dramatic decision point. The decisions we must now make will impact future generations for centuries to come.

I have been saying “local action equals national impact” for quite some time now. This is an action phrase meant to purposely cause you to think about how you as an American citizen should actively participate in the fabric of our society.

There are an abundance of ways to achieve this and one can start right at home in your own communities. Get involved and take the time to learn about all aspects of the people and processes running your local government.

Help out with cleaning up voter registration rolls, support local canvassing efforts, join in to help a political campaign whose ideas you support, volunteer for the hundreds of volunteer positions still unfilled, speak to the people in your church or other local community organizations that we stand to lose our basic rights and freedoms. These are only a short list of actions. But the point is to get involved.

Lastly, VOTE! On voting day, we need to overwhelm the opposition that represents a rapid slide toward socialism and worse. Although this administration should be expected to come up with other distractions, DO NOT BE DISTRACTED. Instead, STAY FOCUSED! Vote and get your friends and neighbors to vote. And for Heaven’s sake, VOTE for freedom, VOTE for America, but VOTE!!!

I will post and speak more on this in the coming days, weeks and months…but no more excuses.

God Bless America 🙏🏼🇺🇸


The FBI needs…

The information flowing out of Durham’s filings and the vast amount of emails, texts, reports, etc, etc…show that the Russia-Gate bullshit was exactly that, bullshit (excuse my Irish!). In my expert judgement of the federal government and my expert judgement as a senior intelligence official, the FBI needs a total and complete transformation or it needs to be abolished (at this moment, I favor the latter, but I’ll leave a glimpse of light to be convinced otherwise). The embarrassment and the incompetency as well as the criminal behavior of senior members of the bureau demonstrate a level of corruption that is beyond the pale. Additionally, select senior elements of the intelligence community inside the ODNI and the CIA need to be brought to account. They know they committed an egregious level of sedition in their effort to usurp the presidency of the United States of America thus the American people. If you can’t tell I’m pissed, then you are asleep. I’m upset but I am totally focused on staying the course of getting the American public back in the game. We have one shot this November…we better wake up America and get out to vote all the bums out (both parties). Enough said … for now.

The Fundamental Problem We Face

When it comes to Ukraine and other major foreign policy issues, the fundamental problem we face is that our American elite are delusional. While the rest of the world understands that in a multipolar world, the United States’ capacity to force its will on other countries is in rapid decline under this administration. The American elite shut their eyes to that reality. The present ridiculous situation is due to their arrogance & self-deception.

Biden, Harris, Blinken, Nuland, et. al., are not only disastrous but dangerous for the future of America. This, the third decade of the 21st Century sees an America in decline in all categories of strategic issues (rotting infrastructure, rising crime, failing healthcare system, social dependence on a bloated USG, a third world education system, a corrupt and vile rule of law justice system, education indoctrination of our children, etc).

More and more, the people of this country see through it every time they now go to put gas in their cars or buy food at their local grocer. You cannot deceive the American people from that reality. There is no more hiding behind the government’s “security state” curtain from the reality of rapidly rising inflation and the basic cost of living for every aspect of our lives (for everyday people).

How does it end, I don’t know, but what I do know, between now and then, there are going to be more surprises forced into the psyche of the American people, there will be greater sacrifice for us all, and the enemies of America will take full advantage of them all. And some of those enemies reside inside of our very own government. If you don’t believe we face an emergency in this country, you’re not paying attention. Stand up, step up and speak up. Get involved however and wherever you can. Thank you and may God continue to bless and protect America 🙏🏼🇺🇸

Stop the Covid Madness.

The government lied to us about damn near every single aspect of covid & the prevention capabilities that should have been applied. We are now at approximately one million deaths due to covid. Most were preventable. The mask mandate was BS, the jabs are killing people (literally), I don’t know about you, but I am sick of the BS. I know how deceptive our govt can be. Millions of people lost their jobs. They knew (in their gut), doctors, nurses, military; stop the covid madness.