Do not let the darkness overcome you.

What a time to be alive Patriots, looking back on Jan 20 it seemed the world ended that day even for the most seasoned Patriot. The confusion and array we were all in seeing sleepy corn puff Joe at the podium being sworn in by Chief Justice blackmail was a rough one.

Fast forward 9 months and now corn puff is about to crush our holidays. Yeah, idk about you guys but I’m ready for change. Change we can believe in. I believe that change is coming soon too as President Trump said yesterday in his Ari interview.

Not only has Trump shown the public that we can’t ever allow communists Democrats to run our country, he’s shown us how radical they want to change the country. I truly believe as God as my witness these things had to happen.

We had to see; people falling from the sky in Afghanistan, a massive draconian takeover in the medical field, a push to destroy patriots who supported the duly elected leader, bare shelves right before Thanksgiving, millions of illegal immigrants get paid to come across our border, extreme radicalization snuck into our schools, then when the parents stand up for their children they get called terrorists.

This is all part of something bigger we had to experience together. Something we’ll tell ourselves “hey we gave that a shot, definitely never trying that again.” Even the liberals are backing out in record numbers and are scared of their own guy in there.

When the time comes, we will have a united nation again. Moving full speed ahead with serving justice, restoring the rule of law, believing in one another, standing up for AmericaFirst, fight for our God given rights, raise our children in a normal world. We are enduring now, so that when the time right we can hold onto these values forever as a country.

We will look back on these dark days and never again allow officials to change elections laws last minute to rob our voices. We must continue to fight for the 2020 election and expose the steal! We must educate the sheep with the truth so they join our side! We must save the America that has given us so much to believe in. As my favorite President once said; “If America falls, the world falls.”

We as Patriots must save the world. It is on our shoulders. Do not let the darkness overcome you, look forward to the days ahead believing in the change you wish to make for our country.

We don’t know how much longer we have until Trump is back, but we need to fight tooth and nail until he is back! I will be right here with each and every one of you along the way. Say your prayers tonight, be grateful we have a warrior out there who is looking forward to returning to the arena with us. The best is yet to come! God bless America! 🇺🇸