Information warfare

Putin’s speech postponed until tomorrow.

Head fakes. Feints. Information warfare.

Now the media cycle can run its course, drawing more eyes on the situation, and normalizing the populace.

Perhaps drawing out the enemy’s moves. Lots of variables in play.

Speculation from the Left is that Putin plans to “fully mobilize for war with Ukraine”.

I have no idea what the public address is about, but I know the Left tend to be wrong about everything.

Keep eyes on the situation.

Be careful who you follow.

You’re gonna a lot thrown at you as this crescendo builds. Don’t let your guard down is EXCELLENT ADVICE.

Just like many people instantly bought into Maxey’s claims about the 450 gb of new material he’s discovered on the laptop he got from Rudy G. , many people will also instantly buy into “there is no virus, 100,000 people across America entered into a massive conspiracy to poison us all with local water supplies”_


Psy-ops are being launched in your left and in your right.

Be careful who you follow.

GET RID OF ALL YOUR AUTHORITY FIGURES who appeal to your confirmation biases.

Research for yourself.

Don’t just instantly adopt some new claim some guy you never heard of two weeks ago presented to you.

The biggest danger MAGA has right now is that so many people have detached from reality they literally ready to believe anything.

You actually need MORE discernment and skepticism right now, not LESS.

Be your own authority.

On this Information War


If they think they control the narrative they will eliminate the few who don’t by any means. Our first enemy is their narrative.

Our task is to be vocal and to show them millions of us do not believe their narrative on “vaccines”, on climate change, on sanctions or on their pre-packaged baseless accusations of war crimes for that matter.

We need to speak out against all fronts of the Grand Narrative at once, and at all times. This includes “vaccines” but also fraudulent man made climate change claims and pre-packaged baseless Ukraine war crimes accusations of course, as well as any subject they try and force their narrative on us through.

We are in a total information war and the only way we win it is to fight it by speaking out at all times and against all aspects of their pre-packaged “Grand Narrative”.

We don’t believe anything they say and we have to make it clear to everyone and ultimately to them: there are millions of us and a few of them.

“Keep fighting and stay engaged.”

When will some in the lame stream, fake news media and/or our own government have the courage to speak the truth?

Demonstrating courage is never easy because of the consequences and the potential real sacrifices involved but it is the harder right choice to take. Know that this moment in US History will fill the future with untold stories of those who demonstrated courage in the face of relentless attacks for the greater good of the nation.

Don’t give in to tyranny and don’t stop discovering the truth. Beyond the spiritual aspects of the war being waged against us, this is an information war like no other we’ve ever been in and it is up to the digital army of citizen journalists to continue exposing the fraud being perpetrated against us.

Those who cherish the truth, their faith, our families, and our very freedoms, over lies, deception and tyranny are going to win the day.

Keep fighting and stay engaged.

Local Action is having a National Impact 🙏🏼🇺🇸

“Trump wisely chose…”

There were two options for how Trump could deal with the New World Order:
Trump wisely chose the latter
There are those among us who grow impatient and would prefer that we simply declare open war on the NWO, expose all of their crimes at once, and let the chips fall where they may.
They don’t understand that those “chips” are human beings, and that another World War is exactly what the bloodthirsty cabal wants. The devil loves a war against flesh and blood; but we battle not against flesh and blood.
Hold the line, man your meme battle-stations, and trust Trump’s plan. There’s a war on for the minds of men.