“The Old Crow is a disaster.”

President Donald J. Trump:

“Mitch McConnell just folded on the Debt Ceiling, a total victory for the Democrats—didn’t use it to kill the $5 Trillion Dollar (real number!) Build Back Worse Bill that will essentially change the fabric of our Country forever. The Old Crow’s two-month extension, and the break up of the Bill into two parts, gave the Democrats everything they needed. The Dems would have folded completely if Mitch properly played his hand, and if not, the Debt Ceiling scenario would be far less destructive than the Bill that will get passed. He has all the cards to win, but not the “guts” to play them. Instead, he gives our Country away, just like he did with the two Senate seats in Georgia, and the Presidency itself. The Old Crow is a disaster!”



It’s time to wake up.

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Liz Harrington: “If your election system starts looking like a 3rd world country, don’t be surprised if the rest of your country starts looking like a 3rd world country – and unfortunately that’s where America is right now. All of this comes from the Crime of the Century and all of this is by design. It’s a choice… it’s a disgrace. But they’re all done purposefully and Americans are certainly paying for it right now…”

Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth.
It’s time to wake up.