Stop Complying

If you want the mask mandates to go away, then simply stop complying.

  • Don’t wear a mask proactively.
  • Choose your battles. You can’t win at the airport, for example. But you can troll the staff (by, for example, putting metal into your mask so that it sets off the metal detectors, meaning that your mask must come off).
  • Humour, ridicule, sarcasm, etc, are superior to anger and aggression.
  • Keep it hidden from view. Do not wear it under your chin, for example.
  • Don’t normalise it by having it visible in photos.
  • Print offensive captions or pictures on the masks.

Spread the message across your networks. You will find that a lot of people are equally sick of the establishment’s propagandised nonsense.


Mask mandates are useless.

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Becker News
The Mainstream Media Finally Admit: Mask Mandates Don’t Really Do Anything Against Covid
“If that doesn’t move you to want to end school masking, then you have no heart. And if you can read all the data that show mask mandates are useless and still want to cling to them, then you have no brain.”