Re: Biden’s Build Back Better Plan…


~Re BBB, I always said Dems would eventually pass “something”. A “watered down” bill. They need something of a win.

~I was a bit shocked Manchin said “no” over Christmas.

~So, while I hope I’m wrong here, I do still believe something passes.

~Life has become hard for Manchin and he might not want to split until after the Midterms, which is why he decided to “talk to Biden” some more over the holiday.

~He has nothing to gain politically, if he switches parties before November. I’ve said this before. Ideally, he stays where he is and jumps after the GOP takes control.

~Manchin is likely trying to have his cake and eat it too. But can he do it? The Dems are unwelcoming to him.

~Regardless, in the end, the GOP (who smell blood in the water), know the Dems have just a few months before they’re out of power.

2022 is here.