Know that God has our backs

One thing you need to understand:
Trump came in at the red line. [Their] plan for a NWO global reset was in the works for God knows how long. We are not experiencing the worse possible timeline. God has saved us from more than we know. But we should continue to rise, fight back, and push onward for freedom. They are still doing everything they can do to fulfill their mission but God will Trump them all. We the people will have victory. Do not be discouraged by what’s happening. Instead become more resolute in your willingness to resist their evil and know that God has our backs and will not forsake us.

New World Order

Rioting is good. Heart attacks are healthy. Inflation means a strong economy. Supply chain breakdowns are totally normal. Empty shelves mean people are buying products. Biden is the most popular President in the history of the United States. Praise be to the New World Order.