Tulsi, White Hat.

Holy shit I did not know this, but Tulsi is a high ranking officer in US MIL Intelligence, Psychological Operations Command.

The same exact US MIL personnel we believe to be running the Q operation, Tulsi is part of it.

Notice how she’s the only one who spoke out on the existence of US Biolabs in Ukraine. Notice how she’s been administering red pills to centrists for years. Notice how she’s inflicting MASSIVE damage to the DNC before the midterms.

She’s 100% a White Hat, through and through.




Erik Ollsen is dead.

Erik Ollsen is dead

who is Erik Ollsen?

Welp, he was the lead investigator for the nordstream attack….

Tweet reads: Olsen, found at home. Bee sting cause of death, cremated within hours. In charge of investigating Nordstream sabotage.

Let me repeat that: The LEAD INVESTIGATOR of the Nordstream pipeline sabotage just died of a BEE STING and was CREMATED WITHIN HOURS.

Sound legit?


Information warfare

Putin’s speech postponed until tomorrow.

Head fakes. Feints. Information warfare.

Now the media cycle can run its course, drawing more eyes on the situation, and normalizing the populace.

Perhaps drawing out the enemy’s moves. Lots of variables in play.

Speculation from the Left is that Putin plans to “fully mobilize for war with Ukraine”.

I have no idea what the public address is about, but I know the Left tend to be wrong about everything.

Keep eyes on the situation.